sotolab rigenera le batterie al piombo

rigenerazione batterie al piombo


Why Regenerate?

Regenerating batteries means reducing by two thirds (66%!) the environmental and economical impact of scrapping procedure.

Officially,only in Italy, more than 187.000 tons of batteries were sent to scrap, the figure excluding the ones left abandoned illegally.
The alarming figures becomes an opportunity for each of us to help saving the planet and save costs, since researches done by market specialists show that 60% of the above batteries was still usable.
Solfatation is among the main reasons for loss of efficiency of lead batteries, as it stops cells adsorbing the required charge for their normal use.

SOTO-WW1® is the electronic device with high frequency impulses, managed by a high tech software, SOTO MIND CONTROL achieves in crystals disgregation bringing the electrolite back to the correct density without using additives.

The regeneration process requires between 2 to 24 hours, depending on the status of the battery. Sotolab equipment are easy to bring around thanks to handy sizes and light weight (7-14 Kg) so that regeneration can be carried forward on-board without disassembling of batterie, reducing the stop time of the vehicle. The regeneration, when complete, stops automatically.