Rigenerazione batterie al piombo





Service centers and electrical specialists can use SOTO-WW1® devices to supply customers with a new service of battery regeneration. 
Sotolab&Co.Ltd. suggests to offer the regeneration of batteries as a ‘standard’ service within the regular car check service.

Transport Companies

Urban and long range transport companies, private and public, for passengers or goods, normally manage fleet of vechicles with high capacity accumulators.
During the regular vehicle checks and within the ‘stop time’ for the vehicle, regeneration of batteries can be carried forward, reducing costs for new batteries.

Fleet Management

In order to keep vehicles at the maximum of reliability and efficiency, during the extra ordinary checks of vehicles before selling them into market or renting to the after market, SOTO-WW1® helps to dramatically reduce costs for batteries change.

Rent and Sale of Forklifts

The biggest cost of maintenance for forklifts is the regular change of batteries. 
Companies renting and selling forklifts should use.
SOTO-WW1® as a strategic tool for business. It is possible to extend life of elements by regenerating them up to three times. Since the regeneration of batteries can be done at the customers’ location, furthers operational savings will be available.

Rail and Underground Sectors

All batteries used in these sectors, that are normally recharged at the maintainance centres, therefore available for assistance without further loss of time, should be regenerated to substantially extend life and reduce long term cost.

Nautical Building Yards

Using the winter maintainance and parking of yachts, batteries could be regenerates, without disassembling them and delivering extra safety during navigation.


The efficiency of a UPS system depends on the duration guaranteed by accumulators. Thanks to SOTO-WW1® it is not required to change batteries regularly anymore.
UPS maintainance teams can intervene on site thanks to the extreme ease of transportation of sotolab devices.